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Northern Log Railing And Supply is a family owned and operated business specializing in custom length cedar log railings. We have set a high standard for our cedar log railings by hand picking all of our railing stock. We specialize in custom length rails but also manufacture standard economy railings with no tendon. We can manufacture any custom length order or we can build you lineal length sections. We try to meet the needs of all our customers.

Because Northern Log Railings manufacture our railings we can offer several different textures and styles of rails. We also will manufacture large and small quantities in a very timely manner. We are capable of manufacturing 2-3 thousand feet a month. Our team of railing specialists have built and installed railings for several years, and will be available to share their knowledge through every phase of your project.

Northern Log Railings keep you, the customer, in mind when building your railings. White cedar is used for all of our railings, both interior and exterior. Some of cedar's great qualities that make it perfect for the construction of our railings are bug and decay resistance, low shrinkage, and naturally long life. Please feel free to check out our high quality of railings.



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